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Pregnancy & Beyond

This programme was developed to engage with pregnant mothers and partners from early pregnancy, enabling them to build techniques to support parents during pregnancy, birth and baby as it develops. It helps to educate parents in the techniques and skills required in promoting brain development & enabling the baby to reach their milestones. It enables parents to come together to enhance their .more.

Pregnancy - 3

The 5 Pillars of Parenting Pregnancy to 3 years programme was developed to educate and support parents to feel confident to raise their children in a loving and supportive environment.

It enables parents to understand the importance of developing a good relationship with child from the beginning and how to developing the character and moral destiny…more.

Parenting 4-11 years

The 5 Pillars of parenting 4-11 years programme has been running since 2007. The programme and our evidence have been evaluated by the National Academy of Parenting Research (NAPR)*,
Kings College London and it is part of the Commissioning Toolkit.

The programme can be found on the Department of Education web site, and has been independently evaluated using an evidence-based approach.
www.education.gov.uk/commissioning-toolkit … more.


The Five Pillars of Parenting teenage programme is currently being developed by Approachable Parenting and Protective Behaviours UK

This course will support parents who are experiencing behavioural and communication difficulties with their teenagers.

The aim is to reduce behavioural difficulties, to improve communication and relationships.  This course will also focus on the preservation and protection of physical and mental health, the prevention of misconduct.

ME4U: Pre-marriage Education

ME4U (Marriage Education for You) is a course to help you getting it right from the start. A guidance to what you should know before saying “I accept”.

Marriage is one of the most important commitments and partnerships in our lives, yet how many of us truly prepare for this life changing experience. Often people have a  ..more.

Train The Trainer

Approachable Parenting train professionals to deliver the ‘Five Pillars of Parenting’ 4-11 years programme. The training takes place over 4 days with a qualified and experienced tutor. Following this the trainee must deliver their first programme with a licence trainer to become a licenced trainer of the Five Pillars of Parenting programme …. more .

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