This programme was developed to engage with pregnant mothers and partners from early pregnancy, enabling them to build techniques to support parents during pregnancy, birth and baby as it develops. It helps to educate parents in the techniques and skills required in promoting brain development & enabling the baby to reach their milestones. It enables parents to come together to enhance their skills as part of a supportive group and learning how to gain rewards for their parenting. It was developed by Clinical Psychologists and parenting experts drawing from their variety of knowledge, skills and experiences. It is underpinned by psychological and coaching techniques and linked to faith references.  Skills are developed in 4-week sessions which are then encouraged to be practiced at home as well as during practical sessions in which we use dolls instead of babies.


  • How to develop a healthy relationship with your partner by establishing your family values
  • Techniques to bond better during pregnancy and with baby to promote brain development
  • Differentiate between baby blues and post – natal depression
  • Learning how to respond to baby’s need and build a secure attachment
  • Dealing with changes in the family and methods to increase emotional health and wellbeing