Thank you for making a referral to Approachable Parenting.


We have a weekly referral review meeting and we will endeavour to review your referral within 5-10 working days.

If your referral is about receiving one to one support such as mentoring, we will contact you (the parent) and if required allocate a Sparkler (parent mentor) to work with you.

If you are from another organisation and have made a referral for a parent, we will contact the parent first to assess level of support needed and then inform you of the outcome.

If your referral is for a parenting programme, please note that we currently have no scheduled programmes but we will add you/the parent to our waiting list for our future programmes.

In the meantime please follow us on social media to stay up to date with all events taking place at Approachable Parenting.
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Please note that Approachable Parenting does not provide crisis support or out of hours support, for emergencies please contact the appropriate crisis support services.

Thank you

Approachable Parenting