Our Courses

4 - 11

Our award-winning academically appraised programme that caters to parents of school-aged children. This course aims to help parents build strong lasting bonds with their chilren and promote a healthy and positive family environment.



Relationship Coaching is a course to help couples facing hardship within their marriage to deal with their problems and concerns, and give every support to strengthen the relationship by facing and communicating about their matters. Marriage is one of the most important commitments and partnerships in one’s life. However if this relationship breaks down we provide a confidential service with trained therapists.

We offer emotional support within a non-judgmental and safe environment, where the couple can work on their issues. Sessions are arranged either face to face or over Skype as arranged. We support and help a couple to develop and maintain a healthy marriage which means a healthy family environment for children to grow up in. Our commitment where possible is to help couples in resolving their issues, understand the importance of shared goals and values as well as how to keep their love for each other alive.

Coaching are arranged on request. Please contact us for more information on interest or arrangements for the sessions on info@approachableparenting.org.uk. We are here to help.