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Discover a suite of courses designed to support you from pregnancy through to your child’s teenage years.

Our Services Overview

Pregnancy to 3 Years

Engage with our specialised programs that guide you through early pregnancy to your baby’s first milestones, focusing on brain development and parental bonding.

Birth To Three

The Birth To Three programme empowers parents to support their baby’s development from early pregnancy. Developed by experts, this comprehensive course promotes bonding techniques, brain development, and milestone achievement.

Parenting 4-11 Years

Our tailored eight-week course for parents of 4-11 year-olds blends psychological insights with Islamic principles to foster effective parenting.


The Five Pillars of Parentingteenage program is being developed by Approachable Parenting and Protective Behaviours UK. This course supports parents facing difficulties with their teenagers’ behavior and communication.

Marriage Education for You (ME4U)

Prepare for your marital journey with our ME4U course, offering essential insights and preparations for a harmonious partnership.

Why Choose Our Courses?

Evidence-Based Strategies

Our courses are built on scientifically supported methods that ensure effective learning and real results in parenting techniques.

Practical Guidance

Gain practical skills through interactive sessions that empower you to implement what you’ve learned directly into your daily parenting.

Culturally Inclusive

We respect and incorporate Islamic principles and psychological practices to cater to the needs of Muslim parents and their families.

What Our Participants Say

‘The Parenting 4-11 Years program transformed our family dynamics. We’ve learned so much about effective communication and understanding our children’s needs.’

Sarah Jennings

‘Approachable Parenting helped us during our early pregnancy stages. The support and knowledge gained were invaluable for us as first-time parents.’

Mohamed Al-Fayed

‘The ME4U workshop opened our eyes to the essentials of a strong marriage. My partner and I feel much more prepared for our future together.’

Linda McCarroll

‘I was struggling with my teenage son, but the insights from the Teen programme have really improved our relationship.’

John Peterson

‘As a new mother, the techniques I learned from the Pregnancy to 3 Years programme have been a game changer for how I connect with my baby.’

Fatima Sulayman

‘Becoming a parent trainer with Approachable Parenting has not only advanced my career but also deepened my understanding of child development.’

Alex Johnson

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