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Please join us for our coffee mornings held around Birmingham for pregnant and new mums.  Click here to see our instagram for updates.  

Upcoming Courses

Pregnancy & Beyond Parenting programmes in English, Arabic and Urdu starting after summer!!!

Our award winning 4 week parenting programme for expectant parents will be starting after the summer.  Watch this space…

Brand New Course coming in September

5 Pillars of Marriage for couples to get ready for marriage in a halal environment.

Save the date: 3rd Sept or 10th Sept.  Watch this space – more info coming soon.

The 5 Pillars of Parenting:

Our programmes are based on the 5 pillars framework, developed to improve behavioural, social learning, family systems theories and comminication within BAME families. Evidence has been evaluated by CANparent and EIF.

Providing guidance, skills and techniques on raising children in the modern family. Drawing from both psychological and Islamic principles.

EID EVENT Thursday 14th July

Join us for our Eid event at Highfield Hall, Hall Green.  It is for all the family to have fun and spend time in the sun.  Please click here to register.  Our early bird discount has been extended – £2.50 per person or £5 on the door. 

Our Program Framework


Approachable Parenting is an Organisation which was established in response to the needs of the BAME Communities.

We offer a variety of services and recognised parenting courses drawing from both Psychology and Faith Principles.

The programmes guide parents in developing a healthy relationship with their parents and to develop better parent-child relationships by being more affectionate & merciful

We work with people from all backgrounds, cultures and faith communities, in a non-judgemental and supportive environment.

Our services are available for everybody who want to improve their parenting skills and learn new techniques to enable their children to grow in a loving and supportive environment. 

Toolkit for Uncomfortable Conversations

Approachable Parenting understands that parenting challenges for our communities, families with multigenerational households and different cultural upbringing whilst being a strength can also bring challenges for parents. Approachable Parenting has partnered with NSPCC to develop this toolkit that will help parents navigate having uncomfortable conversations in a safe environment, backed by references from Islamic traditions.

Baby Loss Awareness

Parents and Children We Have Reached

Approachable Parenting measure the changes parents make by using reliable & validated questionnaires to gage the effectiveness of the programme during pregnancy and postnatally, as well as the feedback from home tasks. Results demonstrate reductions in severe ranges of anxiety and depression and an increase of 20%-30% in the normal ranges post the programme.


Maintain their confidence as a parent have increased.


Of parents feel the content of the programme is relevant to them,


the role plays were Excellent


Results demonstrate reductions in severe ranges of anxiety and depression and an increase of 20%-30% in the normal ranges post the programme.

Opening Hours:

9:00 AM - 2:30 PM



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