Pregnancy to 3 parenting programme is delivered over 8 weeks, online or face to face. This programme is developed to support parents during pregnancy and after birth, promoting brain development, bonding with your baby enabling baby to reach their developmental milestones. Please contact us for dates and times.

New Programmes starting in 2024. Approachable Parenting is working in partnership with Family Hubs to deliver parenting support for families in Birmingham. We will be delivering the Pregnancy to 3 parenting programme online and face to face.

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Explore our tailored courses designed to enhance your parenting skills, strengthen your family bonds, and foster a nurturing home environment.

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Parenting Courses

Our comprehensive parenting courses offer practical advice and strategies to effectively raise children from infancy through adolescence.

Marriage Education

Strengthen your marital relationship with our marriage education program, designed to enhance communication and resolve conflicts.

Train the Trainer

Develop your skills as a trainer with our program, focusing on creating impactful learning experiences and effective training materials.

Family Counseling

Receive professional guidance to overcome family challenges and improve the overall dynamics within your household.

What Our Clients Say

‘Approachable Parenting has revolutionised our family life. The parenting courses were enlightening and incredibly helpful.’

Sarah Johnson

Parent & Educator

‘The marriage education sessions provided us with the tools we needed to deepen our relationship and communication.’

Michael and Emma White

Married Couple

‘The Train the Trainer program equipped me with the skills to effectively lead workshops and inspire other parents.’

A Saleh

Trainer & Executive Director

Common Questions About Our Services

Explore answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our services below.

Who can benefit from Approachable Parenting's services?
Our services are designed for parents and guardians from BAME communities, seeking to enhance their parenting skills through a blend of psychological and faith-based principles.
What is the Toolkit for Uncomfortable Conversations?
The Toolkit for Uncomfortable Conversations is a resource we provide to help parents address challenging topics with their children in an effective and sensitive manner.
How does Approachable Parenting measure the effectiveness of its programs?
We employ a combination of feedback surveys, participant interviews, and pre-and-post assessments to gauge the impact and effectiveness of our programs.
What are the opening hours of Approachable Parenting?

We are open from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Weekend consultations are available by appointment.

How can I stay informed about Approachable Parenting's updates and offers?
Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media platforms to receive the latest updates and exclusive offers directly in your inbox.
Can individuals without a BAME background participate in your programs?
Absolutely, we welcome individuals from all backgrounds who are interested in learning about effective parenting and relationship building.

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