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Approachable Parenting is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to providing parenting programmes and services tailored to Ethnic Minority families. Our work involves a deep understanding of the culture, beliefs, and faith of these families in order to create a positive impact on family structure, explore issues and teach techniques that help parents/carers develop the skills and characteristics needed to raise healthy children. Our parenting knowledge, strategies, and support are designed to empower parents to bond with their children from pregnancy up to 18 years of age.

Our Services

Parenting Programmes

Our comprehensive parenting courses offer practical advice and strategies to effectively raise children from infancy through adolescence.

Marriage Education

Strengthen your marital relationship with our marriage education program, designed to enhance communication and resolve conflicts.


Sparklers are Befrienders and Mentors that build open relationships with parents (Mentees) to listen, empower, support and encourage them to fulfil their parenting goals and overcome issues.

Family Counseling

Receive professional guidance to overcome family challenges and improve the overall dynamics within your household.

What Our Parents Say

Very beneficial course in improving family unity as well as providing an idea of how to manage changes with babies.

It was truly beneficial as they deepened my understanding of the Islamic principles in parenting. The guidance and teachings have equipped me with the tools to navigate challenges and foster a strong Islamic foundation for my children.

I have learnt how to have a better communication with my partner and learning to put myself and my baby’s needs first, and not worry about pleasing others.

The most helpful thing was learning about brain development. It’s something I was not aware of. Understanding it makes you realize how important spending time with your child is.

I learnt that changing my behaviour made a big difference in my child. The programme helped me to control my temper and to set rules and boundaries.

Very professionally delivered an in a friendly related atmosphere. It wasn’t just a talk that you listen to, we were always encouraged to apply it to ourselves and our lives and values. Interesting and helpful course which will be useful to implement.  

Common Questions About Our Services

Explore answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our services below.

Who can benefit from Approachable Parenting's services?
Our services are designed for parents and guardians from BAME communities, seeking to enhance their parenting skills through a blend of psychological and faith-based principles.
What is the Toolkit for Uncomfortable Conversations?
The Toolkit for Uncomfortable Conversations is a resource we provide to help parents address challenging topics with their children in an effective and sensitive manner.
How does Approachable Parenting measure the effectiveness of its programs?
We employ a combination of feedback surveys, participant interviews, and pre-and-post assessments to gauge the impact and effectiveness of our programs.
What are the opening hours of Approachable Parenting?

Office is open from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday to Thursday, however we are accessible till 5pm over the phone. 

How can I stay informed about Approachable Parenting's updates and offers?

Subscribe to our mailing list and WhatsApp groups and follow us on our social media platforms to receive the latest updates and the programmes and services we are running.

Can individuals without a BAME background participate in your programs?
Absolutely, we welcome individuals from all backgrounds who are interested in learning about effective parenting and relationship building.

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