This is a practical eight-week programme, for parents of children aged 4-11 years. It aims to give guidance to Muslim parents on raising their children, drawing upon both Psychological and Islamic principles. Children learn from the example set by their parents, if parents are affectionate & merciful their children will learn this from this. The programme was developed by Muslim Clinical Psychologists & parenting experts.

We use evidenced based questionnaires to evaluate the outcomes of the programme & the results are analysed to investigate changes in child outcomes & parenting styles. Our results demonstrated a significant change has taken place to our families. The programme following evaluation by the National Academy of Parenting Research became an evidenced based programme on the DfE commissioning tool kit. The CANparent Quality was awarded in the house of Commons in January 2014, in recognition of our results & our professional conduct & competence.


  • Learning new parenting techniques
  • Having a better parent-child relationship
  • Improvingyour listening & communication skills
  • Helping your child to learn
  • Being a positive role model for your children
  • Reducing difficult behavior
  • Being more affectionate & merciful
  • Being able to make links to Islamic parenting values
  • Understanding Islamic references to parenting & raising children

Opening Hours:

9:00 AM - 2:30 PM



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